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Liquid crystalline phases and demixing in binary mixtures of shape-anisometric colloids

S. D. Peroukidis, A. G. Vanakaras and  D. J. Photinos, J. Mat. Chem.20, 10495-10502, (2010). (pdf) Continue reading


Extending the Maier-Saupe theory to cybotactic nematics

S. Droulias, A.G. Vanakaras, D.J. Photinos,  Liquid Crystals37:6, 969-976, (2010). e-Reprint

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Two-Dimensional Ordered Porous Patterns by Molecular Design

G.A. Tritsaris and A.G. Vanakaras, Langmuir, 26(11), pp 7808–7812 (2010); DOI: 10.1021/la904613j.  (pdf),  and supporting information.

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