Self-Organization and Pattern Formation of Janus Particles in Two Dimensions by Computer Simulations

A. G. Vanakaras, Langmuir, 22, 88-93 (2006). (e-print)

Abstract: The phase behavior and associated pattern formation of two-dimensional systems of hard disks decorated with amphiphilic coronae (Janus disks) are studied by means of Monte Carlo computer simulations. A primitive interaction potential that captures the essential interparticle interactions is introduced. Despite its simplicity, the system exhibits a very rich phase polymorphism. Apart from the isotropic phase and depending upon the coronal thickness, the simulated systems self-organize in a number of two-dimensional mesophases of various symmetries exhibiting a variety of novel patterns. The results of these simulations suggest that 2D Janus particles are promising candidates for bottom-up design of precise two-dimensional templates.


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